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OMG !! Risa, you have opened the gate to me, lit'l lady. Not to appear as a Texas braggart, I've been told by folks most of my grown life, that my personal talents abound. Where do I begin? I give God all of the credit, for blessing me with these various talents and I have shared them as He planned.
Hand sketching with ink pens/without erasure...
Picking a guitar & singing (in front of crowds of folks)
Playing a harmonica....
Woodworking ability....
Driving huge semi-trucks....
Composing songs & poetry....
Offering enormous amounts of personal/spiritual support to others....(this warms my heart)
Being very comfortable with spreading happiness & cheer among others around me.....(giving someone else a smile when I don't see one on their face) Bingo!!
I love everyone, but there as some that I don't like.
"Hate" is not in my vocabulary.
Bob Pitcock

S.C. Dowell
- I am a 44 year old with cystic fibrosis. I received a lung transplant on April 4th of 2008. I am married to a lovely woman named Jacque and we live in Texas.
My road to photography was a winding one, but I'm glad to be here today. I have degrees in both electronics and economics, and (much) later attended art school at the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.
I've been on disability for a number of years and ironically I've been able to lead a very full life since I left work. This is due to the fact that I now have the time to care for myself properly. When I left work, I thought "well, I'm not bedridden, so what now?" After trying several things from school to travel, I stumbled across photography. Fortunately, I met a couple of people at just the right time. They demonstrated to me that photography is not just snapshots of kids and pretty landscapes. They led me in the direction of photography as fine art. I've exhibited my work in several places, and my website was recently featured in the july issue of Black and White Photography magazine.
My website is:
I'm very proud and grateful to be alive and to be a part of the Transplant Buddies community. 

My name is Melody Pierson and I received my double lung transplant Oct.30, 2007. I am 51 years old and since the surgery I have decided to make the most of every day and every breath.
I recently started painting; whereas before I would only sketch in black and white. Life just seems more colorful now. : )
My main raison d'etre is music, however. I have been a songwriter since the age of 9 with some success here in Canada.
You can listen to some of my songs at:  or

I also enjoy writing articles for
A new piece online this week can be found
For other pieces published, you can go to:

And FINALLY, horses, my other passion....the sheer joy of now being able to RIDE once again, are on some video. I got back in the saddle this June and if you are interested in seeing the masked girl on her steed : ) just check out YOUTUBE at:

You will also find there, a performance I gave for the Canadian Thoracic Society for Research of a song I wrote especially for them.
G0D watch over us all and our eternal gratitude to our donor families, our caregivers, friends, family and even those who may not know us physically, but here, on the internet, in this virtual world of support, which counts for more than one thinks.

Best Regards
Melody Pierson
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Risa- I first started drawing scenes of palm trees overlooking the ocean when I was very little. I love sketching people’s profiles. Throughout my life, I was always drawn to all sorts of art whether it was music, singing, guitar, piano, poetry, sketching, fashion or just browsing through art galleries. I found a new creative side when I had the transplantbuddies vision. For all the members who browse and who have joined this website, enjoy, learn and share your creative visions with us too. Thank you for browsing our ARTS gallery.
Jeff Wilson, age 41 Started playing guitar in 1981, bass guitar in 1990 and drums in 1996. Was in several high school bands, Egg and the Bacon and Static Jam that never really went far except for some high school and college parties. Main musical influences are: The Beatles, The Allman Brothers, Black Sabbath,Metallica, Megadeth and various blues artists. Has done a few studio sessions with various musicians in the Indianapolis area, mainly on bass and rhythm guitar and has helped co-produce a few projects. Has taught guitar lessons on and off for the last 15 years or so. I currently own 5 electric guitars, 1 bass guitar and 1 acoustic guitar Mainly plays for fun these days, enjoys playing the acoustic guitar for small groups at parties, cookouts and bon fires.
Hello. I am Heather and a living donor to my dad. I enjoy many things but some of my passions are flower gardening, painting.which does not come easy for me..I have to really work at it....and my favorite right now is photography. I am pretty much just learning how to use a camera other than a point and shoot. I share this passion with my husband and my dad. We go out looking for things to take photos of and spend time together. I am in awe of how much beauty is on this earth if you just look around. I am amazed at how intricate a flower can be and also they are made so perfectly and how each one has a purpose. The clouds in a blue sky...the stars in the night sky .they just awe me....and make me realize how huge, caring and awesome my Creator and Lord is.

My name is Patti. I am currently 27 and was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when I was 6 months old. I was Cleveland Clinic's very first double lung and liver transplant. I am married (to Nate) and we have a son named Brady (who was not supposed to be). I love to play flute and piano. I have also picked up crocheting and crochet hats, scarves, and small blankets as my specialty. You can hear me play my flute on

My eleven year old niece colored this picture for me, to hang in my den. She's an excellent artist for her age and a superb student. She is very intelligent young lady. She researched organ transplantation when I had my heart transplant. She wanted to learn more and see if she could help in any way. She aspires to be a veterinarian.
Thanks, Don
Hi my name is Melissa. I am 34yrs old and married with two children. I am currently waiting for a pancreas/kidney transplant.
I love to paint and create new things out of the old. I mostly use acrylic paints and some sketching. I use old doors, windows I use my imagination and come up with some new way for it to be used. Painting is my great escape from all sickness, it is something that keeps me going.
Hi, I'm Kelli. I sign my artwork Eccoblue. I've pretty much been sick all my life and have had multiple open-heart surgeries, etc. I had a heart and liver transplant on 02/01/07 at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. I currently live in Palm Desert, CA. I'm into digital art and photography and have had my work displayed and published.

I have been interested in drawing, painting, and charcoal mediums for many years, but have just recently, in the past 3 years, really begun to create in earnest. My art is created in dreams before it is attempted on canvas or paper and inspired by some cultural beliefs depicted in some of the artwork in Native American form. These represent spiritual and totem stories based on many tribes. Some in respect of my own heritage in the Cherokee Nation influence. I am also fascinated with Fairies, Nature, and Animals. My final love is Angels, not so much in the spiritual sense,but the love of the beauty of wings and movement in heavenly form. I have done many personal portraits of both loved family pets, and people. If interested, feel free to contact me at

I am a vocalist, songwriter who has toured several times with rock groups in the 70's and 80's. I have also toured with an african band called African Rain, for 4 years working with grand master drummer Babatunde Oletunji where I learned to play the djembe drum. I now currently am singing with a local band, Jack Knauer and friends and work with other vocalist in studio recordings and teaching when able. My band can be heard at and also on Youtube.
Linda M

Hello, My name is Scott. I was born in1965, with Cystic Fibrosis, however we didn't find that out until 1977. I received a double lung transplan in Feruary 2007. I have been interested in art and amature phogroph for most of life. Here are a few samples I have done throughout the years

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