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{,/ Photo by Eccoblue
Remembering Our Friends

Organ donation and transplantation bridges all faiths. As in the organ donation and transplant community,
members of Transplant Buddies come from many different faiths and beliefs. All faiths are welcome and respected here.

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Our Dear Heather RobertsHostess RisťHostess Risť10-25-17  10:19 am
Inspriation- Some love Tony Robbins and OprahHostess Rise'janifar lee02-15-17  01:00 am
Remembering our Transplant BuddiesHostess Rise'nuning74 14 04-20-16  06:04 am
Transplant Clinic renamed to honor former Tar Heel Student MascotHostess RisťHostess Risť04-16-16  07:18 pm
GazelleHostess RisťHostess Risť06-18-15  08:11 am
Tom EmahiserHostess RisťHostess Risť06-18-15  07:59 am
The never ending Gift of Life by KellyHostess RisťHostess Risť06-18-15  07:55 am
Rembering JT RhodesHostess RisťHostess Risť06-18-15  07:20 am
A Tribute in Memory of Brandon from Brandon's Mom BeckyHostess RisťHostess Risť06-18-15  07:16 am
Cindy WaltersHostess RisťHostess Risť06-18-15  07:13 am
Rosemarie SabellaHostess RisťHostess Risť06-18-15  07:09 am
Remembering Andy CookHostess RisťLadyDi06-17-15  03:07 pm
Remebering organ donorsHappy2BhereLadyDi08-03-14  09:36 pm
Overwhelming Response to a Young Boy's Heartfelt Plea for a Family ...Hostess RisťHostess Risť10-18-13  07:09 pm
Our Group 'Remembering Loved Ones' on TransplantFriends.comHostess RisťHostess Risť03-04-13  01:16 pm
With The Grace of GodHappy2BhereHostess Risť03-03-13  04:26 pm
DAILY PEARL OF WISDOMDAP1122DAP1122741 14 06-28-12  06:37 am
Inspirational- unbelievable!Hostess Rise'Hostess Rise'06-14-12  08:59 am
Spring cleaning for us "Gals who give things up"Hostess Rise'Hostess Rise'05-07-12  03:36 pm
Prayer request from Ol' BobHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere05-07-12  08:21 am
Robert Jaunsen (Loving Father)eccoblueHappy2Bhere16 05-04-12  10:43 am
Prayers for dear young friendHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere25 04-29-12  07:03 pm
Prayers for fellow heart recipHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere33 04-29-12  05:00 pm
Please pray for ol' Bob Happy2BhereHostess Rise'Happy2Bhere04-28-12  10:49 am
My Tidbit...MasterRunnItHappy2Bhere04-06-12  07:50 am
My Tidbit...MasterRunnItMasterRunnIt04-05-12  09:48 pm
True inspiration for all....Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere04-04-12  09:30 pm
Prayers requestedAnneHostess Rise'04-01-12  05:35 pm
Please say a prayerCiscoKidney07Kate/Jeremy's Mom03-02-12  06:43 am
Bible ScripturesHeatherHeather03-01-12  11:38 pm
Pray for thanksRitaDAP112202-13-12  07:39 am
Life is a wonderful giftHappy2BhereHostess Rise'01-29-12  03:22 pm
"Tebow" experience explainedHappy2BhereGooch7201-13-12  11:05 am
Tasha KnobelHeatherHostess Rise'01-10-12  04:25 pm
Request For PrayerCiscoKidney07Holly33 01-07-12  06:58 pm
power of god and organ donation DONNALDONNAL12-06-11  03:11 pm
Inspiration that works for you....Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere11-05-11  06:35 pm
A heartfelt farewell to our transplantbuddies......Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere10-30-11  12:10 pm
Prayers for TaylorKate/Jeremy's Mompapillonbleu10-21-11  09:04 am
Prayers for lit'l Lily of ConnHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere25 10-07-11  03:02 pm
Prayers for Kenny and his family, please.Happy2BhereHostess Rise'10 10-05-11  07:11 pm
Spreading it aroundHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere10-01-11  11:49 am
Listen to your heartHappy2BhereRita10-01-11  09:17 am
Angel on my shoulderHappy2BhereHostess Rise'09-25-11  08:46 am
Father diagnosed with PTLD...writingisloveHostess Rise'09-12-11  04:24 am
Isn't it great to know who is still in control?Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere09-07-11  06:00 pm
What visions or words soothe your soul?Hostess Rise'eccoblue09-06-11  11:14 pm
Please say a prayerCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0719 08-22-11  08:56 pm
Deck of CardsHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere08-22-11  08:45 pm
My Inner WorldHostess Rise'DAP112208-22-11  06:23 am
Inspiration- from Wendi Blum- life coachHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'08-15-11  10:21 am
PRAYER CIRCLE GROUPLouLouLouLou125 08-05-11  05:41 pm
Please pray for my friend, KristinAmy Tippinspapillonbleu07-29-11  01:43 pm
PLEASE PRAY FOR MY FRIEND MALLORYTerriAmy Tippins07-25-11  08:55 pm
Ecce HomoHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere06-30-11  05:31 pm
Breenicola jpapillonbleu05-27-11  01:00 pm
UPLIFTING QUOTES FOR HARD TIMESLouLouHappy2Bhere66 05-25-11  05:18 pm
God Bless You AllCiscoKidney07DAP112205-24-11  06:39 am
Message to my supporters from my dadeccoblueDAP112205-20-11  06:48 pm
Life is greatHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere05-10-11  04:26 pm
Breenicola jnicola j05-06-11  10:00 am
Life on earth...Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere04-24-11  02:39 pm
Prayer for my kidney donor pleasecruizinGoing for Gold03-31-11  11:30 pm
anguish pet bereavmentnicola jnicola j03-31-11  08:03 am
My sweetie Darlene.....Happy2Bherepapillonbleu19 03-28-11  08:39 am
MY MOMLouLouLouLou15 02-27-11  09:48 pm
PRAYERS FOR HEATHERTinyAnnJo02-01-11  10:07 pm
Nineteen Ways to Heal and Transform the WorldHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'01-30-11  06:48 pm
Wishing our Meagan well before her upcoming surgeryHostess Rise'eccoblue51 01-25-11  10:39 pm
Reach out and touch someone.Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere01-20-11  09:18 pm
What Are You Grateful For?CiscoKidney07Rita01-12-11  08:52 pm
Loving HugsHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere01-08-11  09:47 pm
BOB 2006cactusHostess Rise'10 01-07-11  06:31 am
Continued prayersHappy2BhereKate/Jeremy's Mom10 01-06-11  01:19 am
AS THE NEW YEAR 2011 begins, LIFE GOES ONLouLouLouLou01-02-11  09:08 pm
If I could ask for your prayers pleaseflsunshinegurlflsunshinegurl01-02-11  08:56 pm
Peace in your family...Happy2Bherepapillonbleu12-31-10  09:28 am
Prayers for Jeff Wilson's family- Jeff was an inspiration to manyOrganic GalHostess Rise'22 12-27-10  05:00 pm
RIP Ron SantoCiscoKidney07DAP112212-03-10  10:08 pm
Prayers for a beautiful child....Happy2BhereHostess Meagan11-28-10  11:57 pm
Faith is A Mover of MountainsHostess MeaganHeather11-27-10  04:05 pm
Send a cardAmandaJack R14 11-23-10  03:03 pm
Meeting MiraclesChadKate/Jeremy's Mom11-15-10  10:52 pm
Inspiring "Quotes"Hostess Risamax70 11-10-10  09:21 pm
Angels in my heartHappy2BhereKaren R.10-20-10  10:08 pm
The Divine WeaverMeagansslgot510-16-10  10:00 am
InspirationSallySally09-26-10  08:15 pm
Wish me luck on back up callMarinaKaren R.09-21-10  09:56 pm
Praying for MegannanaKaren R.10 09-18-10  02:43 pm
My dear friend got her call today........cindycindy09-06-10  12:17 am
alone with your storyeccoblueHostess Rise08-30-10  04:26 pm
Inspirational SayingsCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0708-23-10  09:09 am
REFLECTIONS AND PRAYERS 2010LouLouLouLou06-30-10  03:21 pm
DAILY INSPIRATIONLouLouLouLou23 06-20-10  12:44 pm
please help me prayAndreaValery06-15-10  04:55 am
Tips for Better LifeHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'05-27-10  06:32 am
Happy Mother's Day to everyone!becksmomHostess Rise'05-11-10  10:25 am
Financial mattersCiscoKidney07Zapk704-24-10  10:24 am
where does help come from??? :-)...AndreaAndrea04-08-10  04:02 pm
Singing during hard timesHappy2BhereHostess Rise'04-01-10  03:45 pm
Happy Easter Hostess Rise'Karen R.03-31-10  10:09 pm
Happy PassoverHostess Rise'Karen R.03-31-10  10:07 pm
Angels among usHappy2BhereAndrea03-29-10  07:43 pm
Please Say Some Prayers For Our KristiMeaganHostess Rise'03-23-10  06:22 pm
Ewa Beach, HawaiiBoopHostess Rise'02-27-10  09:03 pm
asking for a few prayers as wellDianeDiane19 02-05-10  08:35 pm
TodayHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'01-14-10  09:34 pm
Immune compromised & AspergillusAllisondonnie01-14-10  07:25 pm
Please Pray for the people in HattiHostess Rise'Jo01-14-10  12:43 am
FastingAndreaLadyDi01-07-10  09:24 pm
Please pray for MeaganHostess Rise'Meagan11 01-05-10  07:06 pm
Prayers once more for Ol' BobHappy2Bherepapillonbleu28 01-05-10  09:23 am
Please Pray For This Beautiful Girl Meaganbecksmom12-31-09  02:53 am
OLD POST OF PRAYERSDon BurdolskiMeagan12-14-09  10:25 am
Needed Prayers!SmurfettLadyDi12-08-09  12:02 pm
Self Confidence QuotesHostess Rise'Happy2Bhere16 12-04-09  02:24 pm
Happy ThanksgivingHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'11-25-09  06:46 am
Prayers for my lifelong friendMeaganMeagan11 11-10-09  05:24 pm
Archive through November 10, 2009 Meagan288 51 11-10-09  03:25 pm
Archive through May 30, 2009 Hostess Risa271 51 05-30-09  05:05 pm
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