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Candace Payne Hysterical VideoHostess RisťHostess Risť05-22-16  11:49 am
Do you know someone who is waiting for the Gift of Life- Facebook ...Hostess RisťHostess Risť04-20-16  01:55 pm
Join our Facebook Communiy of 10,000 plus FriendsHostess RisťHostess Risť04-16-16  10:00 am
Instagram #transplantbudiesHostess RisťHostess Risť04-16-16  09:58 am
Twitter @TransplantbudsHostess RisťHostess Risť04-16-16  09:55 am
Transplant Buddies & Friends has a Closed GroupHostess RisťHostess Risť04-16-16  09:53 am
Back From MichiganCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0707-26-15  11:58 am
Getting Serious About Your HealthCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0707-12-15  05:38 pm
USA Today articleFrank J.Blue Moon01-14-15  12:39 am
prices reduced in my cafe press shopAndyNick Legend10-13-14  01:17 am
Happy New Year :-)...Hostess RisťHostess Risť01-02-14  12:06 pm
Shakuntala Devi- A human computerHostess RisťHostess Risť11-04-13  05:32 pm
Texting on phone....Happy2BhereCiscoKidney0709-23-13  04:16 pm
Trenical for Gastroparesis TreatmentMarie Walterpapillonbleu09-20-13  07:05 pm
Forgiving is EmpoweringHostess RisťAdmin06-01-13  11:50 am
What are the odds of this happening? LOLHostess Rise'Hostess Risť01-22-13  02:24 pm
SPCA to the rescueHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere06-28-12  09:59 am
painting with model carsAndyHostess Rise'06-27-12  05:24 pm
Awesome AnimationHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'06-11-12  04:09 pm
Just for laughsHappy2BhereCiscoKidney0775 14 06-10-12  01:40 pm
Memorial Day CelebrationCiscoKidney07Happy2Bhere06-07-12  08:59 pm
Amy Purdy - snowboarder, model etc & dble amputee w/ kidney transpl...MashkaHostess Rise'05-18-12  07:47 am
Happy Mother's Day!!!DAP1122DAP112205-13-12  06:22 pm
Bad weather is in the areaCiscoKidney07Hostess Rise'04-17-12  11:05 am
Wild rototiller wrestlingCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0704-16-12  09:44 am
Why are women different from menHappy2Bhereeccoblue11 04-11-12  02:13 pm
A new addition to the familypapillonbleuRita04-06-12  09:27 pm
Me and my Dreams-here we go againHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'03-29-12  05:54 pm
What are the odds?Hostess Rise'Hostess Rise'03-27-12  11:38 am
Redneck LentCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0703-27-12  08:24 am
City OrdinanceHappy2BhereFrank J.03-14-12  10:34 am
chat times in UKAndyAndy03-12-12  04:14 pm
Type 2 Diabetes And ExerciseCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0703-12-12  11:56 am
Your biggest fearCiscoKidney07papillonbleu03-10-12  09:58 am
chat 10th marchAndyCiscoKidney0703-09-12  04:52 pm
URGENT!!CiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0703-03-12  12:54 pm
National Kidney Foundation Walk 2012...RickyHostess Rise'02-24-12  07:29 pm
Congrats, Rise!HeatherHostess Rise'18 02-22-12  06:31 am
TwittereccoblueDAP112202-17-12  08:58 pm
Happy Valentine's DayCiscoKidney07Hostess Rise'02-15-12  09:04 am
Animal lovers-watch this videoHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'02-07-12  05:18 pm
TestingPattiHostess Rise'02-07-12  12:16 pm
Stategies learned as a child help us cope as adultsRitaKate/Jeremy's Mom01-31-12  08:45 am
The Snow Has HIt The Fan!CiscoKidney07Happy2Bhere17 01-16-12  10:47 am
2012 HandbookHostess Rise'Rita01-14-12  10:27 pm
Happy New YEAR EveryoneHostess Rise'DAP112201-02-12  08:11 am
Every Day I Live Is A Great DayCiscoKidney07doctor zain12-30-11  07:37 am
Orchid Photos RevisitedLadyDidoctor zain56 12-30-11  07:31 am
Controlling whitefliesHostess Rise'CiscoKidney0712-29-11  08:23 pm
Managine Household RecordsHostess Rise'Frank J.12-29-11  09:29 am
merry ChristmasAndyDAP112217 12-25-11  09:07 am
changed profileDiane L.Diane L.12-13-11  10:55 am
A message for GodCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0712-05-11  07:10 pm
Apology to all chattersCiscoKidney07Hostess Rise'12-05-11  04:19 pm
Correcting mistakes on you monitorHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere11-30-11  07:08 pm
Happy Thanksgiving!!CiscoKidney07Andy11-25-11  04:40 pm
11-11-11Hostess Rise'Hostess Rise'11-11-11  06:06 pm
We're A Great Aunt And Uncle............................CiscoKidney07Kate/Jeremy's Mom11-04-11  09:31 pm
Won't be in chat todayCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0710-30-11  11:53 am
Good News about this forumAdminCiscoKidney0710-29-11  06:16 pm
Alaskan Halibut and Red SalmonCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0710-29-11  01:52 pm
funny dreamHostess Rise'CiscoKidney0743 10-28-11  05:54 pm
Do you know about the OWN Network?Hostess Rise'CiscoKidney0710-27-11  09:00 am
halloweenAndyAndy10-25-11  02:06 pm
Boo!eccobluepapillonbleu10-23-11  08:13 am
Stupid allergiesCiscoKidney07Hostess Rise'10-21-11  04:14 am
13 year check up AndyAndy16 10-20-11  01:18 pm
Be very thankfulHappy2BhereHostess Rise'10-18-11  01:21 pm
BVDHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere10-14-11  01:20 pm
MAN OFCiscoKidney07papillonbleu10-11-11  01:50 pm
Don't be AfraideccoblueCiscoKidney0710-09-11  01:09 pm
Ultimate compliment.....Happy2BhereKate/Jeremy's Mom10-09-11  12:29 am
What is your biggest Pet Peeve?Hostess Rise'Kate/Jeremy's Mom50 10-09-11  12:18 am
In Memory of Steve JobsDianeKate/Jeremy's Mom10-07-11  07:54 am
Me and my sweetie Darlene.......Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere10 10-06-11  09:21 am
Halloween is just around the cornerHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere10-01-11  05:38 pm
Chat 10/1CiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0710-01-11  09:43 am
L' Shana Tova Hostess Rise'Heather09-28-11  10:41 pm
GPSHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere09-27-11  11:37 am
True heart pals Happy2BhereHostess Rise'09-26-11  03:34 pm
MRI Thursday 8/25CiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0723 09-22-11  08:51 am
Humorous quotesFrank J.CiscoKidney0709-20-11  08:02 pm
Remembering 9-11Hostess Rise'Janet09-13-11  03:51 pm
There Is A Reason They Are Called Support ForumsCiscoKidney07Kate/Jeremy's Mom09-13-11  12:03 pm
Transplant Games 2012CiscoKidney07Janet09-13-11  11:02 am
A long lasting smileHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'09-10-11  06:50 pm
Kindergarten!!!PattiHostess Rise'09-09-11  04:41 pm
Close connectionsHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'09-09-11  04:23 pm
Texas Wildfires 2011Happy2BhereHostess Rise'09-09-11  11:54 am
Amazing feetHostess Rise'CiscoKidney0709-07-11  09:19 am
Sentiments of many organ recipientsHappy2BhereMohan09-06-11  12:55 pm
Classmates from years gone by....Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere09-05-11  12:31 pm
Prednisone WithdrawalMeaganDave09-04-11  03:09 pm
transporting heart for transplantAndySunshineGurl08-29-11  10:11 pm
Hummingbirds againHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere08-29-11  02:24 pm
In remembrance 9/11Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere08-27-11  02:34 pm
Hurricane IreneHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'08-25-11  12:55 pm
The Happy MovieHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'08-15-11  04:46 pm
Walking on the Edge in Toronto, CanadaMeaganDiane08-15-11  09:49 am
Favorite Mosquito MealsHostess Rise'Diane12 08-04-11  02:16 am
SketcheseccoblueHostess Rise'08-01-11  09:48 pm
NorwayeccoblueHostess Rise'07-29-11  11:44 am
Baby Fever is HereAmy TippinsSarah07-29-11  10:58 am
Future of transplants and hopeRitaRita07-16-11  04:06 pm
Hot Hot HotHappy2BhereHeather07-12-11  09:25 pm
Today Is World Cancer DayCiscoKidney07Hostess Rise'07-08-11  05:02 pm
Sometimes we have to speak up to make a change! For those in the USRitaRita07-07-11  09:15 pm
organ donation promotion goodiesAndyAndy07-06-11  03:18 pm
Happy fourth of July to all our BuddiesHostess Rise'CiscoKidney0707-04-11  02:45 pm
Vanity lic platesHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere06-29-11  12:00 pm
BewareHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere06-27-11  08:30 pm
Beautiful RainbowHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'06-26-11  02:59 pm
Sisters weddingnicola jHeather12 06-23-11  09:50 pm
Found Out What Was WrongCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0706-23-11  05:39 pm
For Sunshine GurlCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0706-21-11  08:36 pm
re designed web siteAndyRita06-19-11  04:07 pm
The house that I live inHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere06-17-11  01:52 pm
Hello from Diane on Vancouver IslandDianeDiane06-14-11  10:19 am
No Lifting For A WeekCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0706-12-11  11:45 am
On crutches for two weeksLadyDiRita21 06-11-11  05:22 pm
Chinese Student Sells Kidney for an iPad 2MarinaMarina06-05-11  11:17 am
Archive through January 23, 2011 Hostess Rise'247 45 09-26-11  05:03 pm
Archive through May 26, 2011 Bill315 52 05-26-11  06:26 am
Archive through March 26, 2011 CiscoKidney07207 51 03-26-11  10:56 am
Archive through December 17, 2010 eccoblue228 51 12-17-10  02:39 pm
Archive through November 07, 2010 Rise384 48 11-07-10  11:21 am
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