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Interact with Us on Transplant

In Loving Memory of our Donors

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  Thread Original Poster Last Poster Posts Pages Last Post
Want to become a liver donor.MariyaHostess Risť11-07-16  08:27 am
Abby's gift of life through organ donationHostess RisťHostess Risť05-11-16  04:13 pm
Donor Mom's Gift Life ChoiceHostess RisťHostess Risť05-02-16  01:59 pm
Joy, Sorrow Mingle for Organ Transplant ParticipantsHostess RisťHostess Risť04-22-16  08:20 am
Organ donors lauded at hospital program Hostess RisťHostess Risť04-16-16  06:32 pm
'Gift of Life' organ donor memorial unveiled in StaffordshireHostess RisťHostess Risť04-16-16  06:31 pm
Sarah's momSarah's momHostess Risť98 01-15-15  05:31 pm
Help realize a Kidney Donor's dream to become a Mom!LizzieLizzie06-23-14  12:09 pm
Cellular memoryCharleneOlivia - Raw TV20 02-27-14  08:18 am
In remembrance of a wonderful organ donorHappy2BhereHostess Risť01-02-14  09:18 am
Letter to FamilyLeeLee10-14-13  02:06 am
A wee bit late....Happy2BhereForest08-21-13  11:46 am
Fundraiser for recently deceased Organ DonorSergio SuarezJanet 07-22-13  11:44 pm
I Love My Organ DonorHostess RisťHostess Risť06-21-13  06:11 pm
Organ Donation is The Universal Gift of Life - Share Hostess RisťHostess Risť06-09-13  09:51 am
God Bless Our Organ Donors and Their FamiliesHostess RisťHostess Risť06-09-13  09:18 am
Join our Group- In Memory of our Organ DonorsHostess RisťHostess Risť03-04-13  01:07 pm
Extreme organ donationHappy2BhereHostess Risť01-22-13  02:26 pm
Tribute to organ donors and their familiesHappy2BhereKate/Jeremy's Mom12 06-28-12  01:58 pm
For Sarah Elizabeth's Mom and others....Happy2BhereKate/Jeremy's Mom46 06-28-12  06:56 am
I received a letter from My Donor Mom!!! MarinaKate/Jeremy's Mom04-17-12  11:02 am
4 Degrees of SeperationHaleyDAP112204-07-12  08:24 am
The 5th Quarter movie....Happy2BhereKate/Jeremy's Mom11-17-11  02:50 pm
THANK YOU~~~transplant greeting cardsMarinaBRAVEHEART12 10-29-11  09:22 pm
UK is discussing free funerals....Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere10-11-11  09:00 pm
Art work for our Donor FamiliesHostess Rise'Kate/Jeremy's Mom22 10-10-11  04:41 pm
Organ donation advocacy on both sides of the Atlantic OceanHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere09-27-11  07:23 pm
A letter from my donor familyJoe BerryRita09-23-11  06:34 pm
How Did You Say Thank You???mburke17Staggerin' Dave14 08-07-11  01:45 am
What I lovednervous1Kate/Jeremy's Mom07-26-11  07:47 am
Outpouring of love in EnglandHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere07-16-11  02:01 pm
"My Love For My Donor Knows No Bounds" T shirtAmy TippinsAmy Tippins06-14-11  06:10 pm
The THANK YOU that HEALSMarinaMarina05-19-11  11:53 am
Thank you Erin for creating a group for usHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'05-13-11  04:33 pm
Update on face transplant Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere05-09-11  05:35 pm
Adocating Organ DonationHappy2BhereJanet05-02-11  12:26 pm
Raising AwarenessBrendanHappy2Bhere04-09-11  11:12 am
Anguish of a Donor MomHappy2BhereHostess Rise'02-04-11  12:13 pm
In memory of Joe KellerHappy2BhereHostess Rise'01-09-11  06:23 pm
Get out your hankies...Chris Henry videoAlindsKaren R.11-29-10  11:11 pm
Writing to Your Donor Family or RecipientsHostess Rise'miocean11-21-10  09:22 am
To all our Donor Families who visit us hereHostess Rise'Sarah's mom10-19-10  08:18 am
How Do You Contact a Recipient?MarcieJack R10-19-10  07:49 am
Corresponding with donor/recipient familieshibbyCarol5717 09-02-10  10:21 pm
Jake's Mom...BreathinStevenKate/Jeremy's Mom09-02-10  07:49 am
What can we do?CharleneHostess Rise09-01-10  02:28 pm
New member- Charlene- Donor FamilyHostess RiseCharlene10 08-26-10  12:03 pm
Donor Family Letter--take two!KimCJ08-24-10  09:46 am
Heart Warming Story (One Reason We Should Sign Our Organ Donor Card...MeaganMeagan08-18-10  10:41 am
Inspiring Story from San Diego UTJackJack08-08-10  08:43 am
Donors are HeroesHappy2BhereHostess Rise08-01-10  06:41 pm
Writing Our Thank You LetterMarissaKate/Jeremy's Mom07-09-10  02:22 pm
Mason's headstonehibbyDiane01-08-10  12:50 am
Wishes For All Of Our Donor FamiliesMeaganKaren R.01-01-10  07:52 pm
inspiring song written to honor organ donorsLiver GiverSara12-31-09  09:11 pm
To all my Donor Families who visit hereHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'12-24-09  12:44 pm
Thank you to both of my donor familiessuzHostess Rise'12-18-09  10:44 am
To My Special Friend and FamilyHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'12-13-09  09:14 am
One Letter- Jeremy's Liver RecipientKate/Jeremy's MomMarina29 11-06-09  05:27 pm
Want to try again....KimKate/Jeremy's Mom10-25-09  01:36 pm
Difficulty contacting Donor Families.....Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere10-06-09  09:30 am
News about our dear Donor Mom Janet....Happy2BhereKate/Jeremy's Mom09-29-09  02:58 pm
Donated to Donor FamilesHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere09-28-09  10:47 am
Well worth watching/listeningHappy2BhereKaren R.09-22-09  07:59 pm
Five LettersdixieluvinchikKate/Jeremy's Mom46 09-11-09  09:52 am
Organ Donor MemorialDAP1122BreathinSteven09-08-09  09:56 pm
GIFT OF LIFE MEDAL NOW LAW!LouLoujeremy's sister08-27-09  01:55 pm
Donor Mom Janet and.......Happy2BhereJanet28 08-24-09  10:14 pm
What is your definition of a hero?Hostess Rise'Karen R.07-31-09  10:56 pm
Contacting my donor's familyCJKaren R.57 07-26-09  06:42 pm
Tragedy/Miracle in 1994Happy2BhereKaren R.07-24-09  09:34 pm
News for Sarah's MomHappy2BhereJanet07-21-09  09:04 pm
Meeting my donor mom for the first timegratefuldebSarah's mom07-16-09  07:36 pm
Tribute to a Donor Family.....Happy2BhereKaren R.06-24-09  04:13 pm
Connie Culp says Thank you to her Donor FamilyHostess RisaHostess Risa05-08-09  04:36 pm
Telling donor family when recipient passes?TiaChristena's Dad05-07-09  11:03 am
The well has kinda' gone dry......Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere38 05-04-09  10:01 pm
Donor Families postbreathinstevenHappy2Bhere29 04-18-09  06:57 am
A Donor Mom's gift to her dear son..Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere42 04-04-09  07:06 am
Not sure about...TonyKaren R.12 04-03-09  10:21 pm
Our dear friend Janet in hospital....Happy2BhereJanet24 03-27-09  01:00 am
Our dear friend Jeri Carpenter....Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere03-18-09  02:11 pm
Daily activities for our gang....Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere25 03-17-09  06:15 am
The anniversary of her death Sarah's momSarah's mom81 03-09-09  11:21 am
Working with Grief by Byron KatieHostess RisaHostess Risa03-09-09  09:37 am
Young Magnolia Man Gave His AllCityMarshal-MagnoliaHappy2Bhere20 03-07-09  08:24 pm
For you "Sarah's Mom" & others interestedHappy2BhereSarah's mom29 03-05-09  12:46 pm
Loss for my donors MomRocket HeartHappy2Bhere03-01-09  08:32 pm
ALL NEW MEMBERSHeatherHeather02-19-09  07:33 pm
Donor Families & RemembranceHappy2BhereJanet41 12-22-08  11:41 pm
A Special Christmas GreetingLiver GiverJanet12-22-08  11:31 pm
Family Issues Blowing UpElizabethHeather17 12-13-08  12:46 pm
Waiting to hear....Melody Piersonbecksmom11-26-08  09:46 pm
Beautiful Slide-Show of pics....Happy2BhereJanet11-04-08  08:58 pm
Donation from a friends family memberChuckZHostess Risa09-25-08  11:31 am
I contacted JanRisaHostess Risa09-02-08  11:54 pm
Loss of a friend - Thorsten passed away iLLiosTonya15 08-28-08  05:36 pm
A Donor mom grieves again.....CarolynHeather24 08-26-08  10:36 pm
Olympian gets more than gold...Hostess RisaHostess Risa08-22-08  09:01 am
Donor Mom meets her son's organ recipients...Happy2BhereHostess Risa08-10-08  08:54 am
Our Beloved Mindy aka MommyminTxBuddies MamaPatti18 07-26-08  08:18 pm
Samantha...BreathinStevenBreathinSteven07-17-08  05:52 pm
How Can I ever comprehend the loss of a Childbillybike9becksmom07-17-08  12:39 am
CarolynSteven L.Hostess Risa06-04-08  01:29 pm
Need your help, pleaseAnnePatrick05-10-08  12:38 am
To honor our Donor FamiliesHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere05-06-08  11:04 pm
Wonderful Organ Donation turnout....Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere04-23-08  11:00 am
Sharing one heart....Happy2BhereLouLou04-21-08  01:34 am
IN HONOR OF OUR DONORS LouLouHappy2Bhere11 04-05-08  07:37 pm
Your Donor Family letterHostess MostessScott F.13 03-18-08  11:17 pm
New to this site/Donating 4/1/08Rebecca Donating a kTrisha03-04-08  09:39 am
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