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Interact with Us on Transplant

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Skin CancerJeffWilliam E Ho18 01-16-17  12:28 am
Everolimusjoannie524bill s07-28-16  03:37 pm
Treatment for Toenail Fungus?mitchee98sandra louis10 06-07-16  07:40 am
Popular heartburn drugs may cause serious kidney damageHostess RiséHostess Risé05-12-16  01:57 pm
Sexual Health after TransplantHostess RiséHostess Risé04-23-16  04:21 pm
Risk factors identified for skin cancer mortality after organ trans...Hostess RiséHostess Risé04-21-16  07:37 am
Medication induced Nutrient DepletionHostess RiséHostess Risé04-17-16  06:06 am
United for Care.orgHostess RiséHostess Risé12-21-15  11:02 am
Hair Loss and Emotional Freedom TechniqueHostess RiséHostess Risé06-17-15  03:16 pm
Drug Side Effects, whats happening to me?????WilReardon Keating12-05-14  06:07 am
paranoia a side effect??HeatherHostess Risé12 08-26-14  02:05 pm
Cellcept Coupon CardTransplant07Alicia J Martin05-14-14  04:47 am
Meds and hearing lossBreeAlicia J Martin13 05-14-14  04:46 am
Prednisone and irritability?!NorwaneCiscoKidney0701-20-14  05:07 pm
Zortress – Newly approved anti-rejection drugModernHEALTHbill s18 01-20-14  01:15 am
Females on prednisone - help!ahult12Diane L.11-25-13  12:35 am
Hair- Is Your Shampoo loaded with this Cancer Causing ingredientHostess RiséHostess Risé11-05-13  12:06 pm
Stinky feetHostess RiséHostess Risé11-01-13  05:21 pm
6 out of 6 match and on Prednisone long termJustinjimmyjjohn10-02-13  11:34 am
CellceptHostess RiseJack73 09-24-13  08:44 pm
Wen Cleansing ConditionerHostess RiséLadyDi09-15-13  09:00 am
Prednisone (Steroids) Side Effectsyvonnesmita sharma109 10 09-02-13  06:25 am
Cell Cept = Chronic DiarrheaBWMichellesb116 07-14-13  11:46 am
Nausea 24/7Michellesb1Michellesb107-11-13  06:02 pm
DentistRitaCiscoKidney0705-29-13  09:16 pm
Valerian (herb) From Natural Standard Research CollaborationHostess RiséHostess Risé04-18-13  05:36 pm
Sirolimus-Everolimus ImmuosuppreseantHostess RiséHostess Risé04-04-13  02:58 pm
Taking Vitamins with PrografHostess RiséHostess Risé04-03-13  04:46 pm
Join our Skin Care group on Transplant Friends.comHostess RiséHostess Risé03-04-13  01:04 pm
Prograf and CellceptAndyRHostess Risé54 02-10-13  04:16 pm
Hair- men and womenHostess Rise'Hostess Risé01-22-13  02:30 pm
Teeth cleaning and dental xraysHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'06-27-12  05:10 pm
ZithromaxajsHostess Rise'06-23-12  09:34 am
RapamuneHostess RiseHels Bells19 06-12-12  01:12 pm
General Transplant Drugs questionsHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'06-08-12  09:38 am
Medication Non-Adherence ThePillTimerDenisePA18 06-02-12  12:56 pm
Cholesterol medsAnneAnne05-17-12  08:55 am
Cyclosporine USP modified (Neoral) shortage?Dave SDave S05-15-12  01:14 am
can't wait for labsAnneAnne05-14-12  01:33 pm
Handheld device that can quickly detect heart blockages. Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere05-02-12  10:17 am
I May Have Great NewsCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0704-29-12  07:48 am
Dentists, orthodontics, appliances, sleep apnea etc...Hostess Rise'Hostess Rise'12 04-21-12  03:41 pm
may be taken off of PrografMoo Davepapillonbleu04-08-12  01:13 pm
Rapamycin and Diabeteseded04-05-12  06:36 am
Monthly Inhaled PantamidineHarrietCora03-19-12  07:14 am
Drug Interactions-Hostess Rise'Hostess Rise'02-24-12  03:10 pm
Transplant Drug GroupsHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'02-13-12  06:44 pm
Neurological episodesEwellDawn02-10-12  03:42 pm
MyMedSchedule.comgladstone7Anne01-25-12  11:56 am
Creatinine levels up after 3 1/2 years of transplant... any words o...Victoria McQuillenJoan01-17-12  09:31 am
Antibiotics w/Probiotics?Kimmy06Carl01-06-12  06:57 am
Got sick when stopping UltramTerriTerri12-29-11  11:47 am
After 20 yearsHappy2BhereHostess Rise'12-29-11  06:21 am
Advice on bindersJoey D.Hostess Rise'12-26-11  09:55 am
Natural standard.comHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'12-24-11  06:48 pm
Deadly Drug interactionsHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'12-24-11  06:28 pm
Prescription SafetyHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'12-24-11  06:27 pm
PrografHostess RiseDiane L.73 12-16-11  04:08 am
Patient Assistance ProgramsJackRachel23 12-16-11  01:13 am
Anyone on mepron?JoJo11-08-11  06:34 pm
Drugs that affect your blood glucoseHostess Rise'CiscoKidney0711-02-11  04:03 pm
Need help w/ obtaining Sensipar.DuaneNerak10-29-11  08:38 pm
Blood Sugar and A1C targetsHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'10-28-11  01:34 pm
Blood Pressure Medsbill sCiscoKidney0710-27-11  09:05 am
Chat 10/8 MedicationsCiscoKidney07CiscoKidney0710-06-11  09:03 am
Transplant Medications - Generic vs. BrandBrianHostess Rise'19 09-25-11  03:25 pm
Cellcept and Birth Control - MirenaRubyrainbowmom08-03-11  03:46 pm
4 yrs since transplant and have been very sick I need advicemelissaPhynex06-30-11  10:18 pm
Medicare Claims Show Overuse for CT ScanningHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere06-19-11  06:55 pm
Cardiac catherization.....Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere16 06-16-11  10:01 am
Fillers in drugsHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'06-08-11  03:46 pm
NEED HELP B4 TXHM QASIMBreathinSteven05-13-11  01:17 pm
Update of my hip/back painTerriTerri04-30-11  02:13 pm
CREATININE AT 1.7 FROM 2 YEAESHM QASIMChuckZ04-22-11  09:55 pm
Conceiving while taking medication?Hostess Rise'Eskimo04-14-11  11:06 am
Everything You Ever Wondered About Mucus and PhlegmHappy2BhereMike04-14-11  10:35 am
Replacing ciclosporing with tacro?ananas84papillonbleu04-11-11  08:39 am
Magnesium with our Anti- Rejection medicationsHostess Rise'Hostess Meagan17 04-07-11  09:48 am
MMF and the runscruizinLisa Wyeth04-06-11  08:22 pm
Dr. OZ show- medications and supplementsHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'04-05-11  01:51 pm
Monthly budgetHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere04-02-11  09:45 pm
citalopramnicola jnicola j10 03-31-11  06:01 pm
Birth Controlliver3Amy Tippins03-03-11  08:37 pm
Immune Cell Levels Predict Skin Cancer Risk After TransplantcruizinHappy2Bhere03-02-11  11:00 pm
Screen For Colorectal Cancer With a Simple Bloodtest - Precursor to...Hostess MeaganCiscoKidney0703-01-11  05:31 pm
Contrast dye....Happy2BhereHappy2Bhere02-07-11  10:48 pm
Anyone had fundoplication procedure?JoHostess Rise'02-04-11  11:00 pm
Blood pressure medsKaren R.Karen R.01-23-11  10:44 pm
What is the ideal prograf level...everyone has a different answer!!!JoRita22 01-19-11  08:29 pm
Prograf and Cellcept dosesDesireeJack R01-12-11  04:34 am
Big step to understanding kidney disease; UAB research shows promise cruizinHostess Rise'01-05-11  08:04 pm
Minimally Invasive ProcedureHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere12-20-10  06:43 pm
MyforticHostess Risesslgot511 12-20-10  07:10 am
Rise? Cellcept and prednisone John ScagliariniJo12-15-10  11:38 pm
Fosamax/Boniva etcrainbowmompapillonbleu12-01-10  02:08 pm
Pancreatic Enzyme "CREON" needed for Important Survey $50.00 PAID ...Organic GalOrganic Gal11-30-10  02:03 pm
Roundworm in humans??sslgot5Jack R11-16-10  08:21 am
Statins shown to lower blood pressureRiseRise11-12-10  09:41 pm
Prednisone and lab resultsHeatherHeather11-03-10  07:20 pm
Dosage equivalecy? switching from Imuran to steroidsSusanKaren R.10-22-10  10:07 pm
weird symptoms from prograf?AlindsAlinds10-22-10  11:43 am
Very important reminderHappy2BhereHappy2Bhere10-20-10  10:14 am
H1N1 vaccine - Year Two (2010)DAP1122papillonbleu12 09-11-10  04:53 pm
Neoral vs PrografZapk7Kim09-03-10  02:16 pm
Do the meds make you feel sick or irritable in the beginning?Marissacindy08-29-10  11:01 pm
Blood Pressure MedicationsHostess RiseCiscoKidney0708-21-10  09:28 pm
What is Allomap?Hostess Rise'Hostess Rise34 10 08-20-10  11:57 am
Immunosuppressive drugsRickHostess Rise08-15-10  06:57 pm
need help paying for medsellisJack07-09-10  09:43 am
Generic medsMattSarah06-02-10  02:13 pm
FosamaxJackwalt s06-02-10  10:57 am
Post Transplant drug questionsBrianRuss11 05-21-10  05:15 pm
Cyclosporinheartmanheartman03-28-10  09:36 pm
Lovenox, Coumadin & Erythromycin and PT INR NumbersrainbowmomKeith B.03-23-10  07:12 pm
Time to transition to a new medVTDaveJeffery12 12-23-09  08:40 am
Transplant Drug Studies and The Drugs that We TakeHostess Rise'Dawn13 12-11-09  02:00 am
Prograf and RapamuneAndyRMohan19 12-08-09  12:13 am
Is this a side effect of my meds?onoono09-07-09  11:30 pm
Mind MeditationsiLLiosiLLios09-05-08  12:52 am
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