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My name is Heather. I am from east central Illinois. I donated a kidney to my Dad on 12-1-99 in Chicago. Since donating, my Dad and I have a special bond we did not have before. I hope to continue helping on this site, to support and help others who would like to donate, already have donated, and those who were wanting to donate and could not.

In Loving Memory of Heather Roberts for her devotion in helping countless individuals along their journey to transplant. She had the foresight to create this forum back in 2000 after she had donated her kidney to her father. Heather was tragically killed by a drunk driver Oct.21 2017. Please visit Heather's blog

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Becoming a Live DonorLaceyFLaceyF11-20-17  11:10 am
Louisville man gets life-saving transplant, reunites with donorHostess RisťHostess Risť05-01-16  03:17 pm
Transplant recipient meets donor at Sunport Utah man meet...Hostess RisťHostess Risť05-01-16  03:16 pm
Colorado Army Reservist Donates Kidney to StrangerHostess RisťHostess Risť04-16-16  06:14 pm
Looking for a count of liver donorsLiver GiverLiver Giver07-23-14  10:01 pm
Bring joy to the lives of people with the fragrance of flowersKATHERINEKATHERINE07-05-14  02:12 am
Help a kidney donor become a mom!LizzieLizzie06-23-14  12:06 pm
Bubbles form when urinateSinhLizzie06-23-14  10:51 am
I donated my kidney to a loved one - share Hostess RisťLizzie06-23-14  10:34 am
Help an organ donor become a mom!LizzieLizzie06-20-14  11:25 am
kidney donation, finding a donor or to become a donorKochousephvenkat07-01-13  12:10 pm
Kidney on to bigger & better thingsChadHostess Risť01-22-13  02:28 pm
In the process of being worked up to donate part of liver to my sisterLivingYogaLadyDi25 06-26-12  04:20 pm
Kidney donors, right or left kidney?RiverChad06-17-12  04:32 pm
Questions about living liver donationKelseyLiver Giver06-06-12  09:36 pm
Less Energy after donationedsonia05-21-12  12:08 pm
Help raise Living Donor AwarenesszoecometNickles10115 04-30-12  10:55 am
Question for living donorsShanaDonR04-20-12  07:49 pm
Date set! Now what?hopefulgirlLiver Giver16 04-18-12  01:56 pm
Hoping to be a living liver donor!!ShanaLiver Giver16 04-09-12  04:46 pm
Organ Donationmioceanmiocean04-09-12  08:43 am
question for the liver donorsNicholeLiver Giver02-22-12  12:27 am
seeking supporthopefulgirlkimco31 01-19-12  05:36 pm
Livingyoga and NicholeHeatherLiver Giver12-31-11  11:22 pm
Living Donor questionsCrispyChad16 11-26-11  12:09 pm
Truly a heartfelt giftHappy2BhereLiver Giver10-30-11  09:54 pm
A Beautiful gift to hand someone- Living Kidney Donor NetworkHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'10-21-11  06:12 am
New book - Good Samaritans and the Meaning of AltruismChadHostess Rise'10-21-11  04:07 am
Hopeful living liver donor needs info.DonAngela59 10-06-11  10:58 pm
liver regeneration for donor JDBDonR10 10-06-11  07:24 pm
Kidney donor post-operation--adviceRitaHeather09-27-11  10:23 pm
My Loving Living DonorCiscoKidney07LadyDi09-06-11  11:18 am
Beginning Donor Screening ProcessJohnAngela18 08-22-11  09:47 pm
What I have learned in the last three yearsLiver GiverRobin08-19-11  11:40 am
Phantom pains?Nickles101LadyDi08-12-11  10:26 am
Question from Transplant Friends.netHostess Rise'surviver08-06-11  04:02 pm
Woke up in a bath of ice DenningLJMegadeaf07-21-11  09:43 pm
Recycle Life BraceletsLiver GiverLiver Giver07-17-11  07:19 am
Living Liver Donor to my Mother in LawAngelaAngela07-10-11  01:13 pm
Happy Birthday AmericaLiver GiverLiver Giver07-04-11  07:17 am
Third AnniversaryRebecca from MichigaLiver Giver07-03-11  06:59 am
WillingDonor.comJellyBeannervous105-22-11  10:19 am
Thinking about being a living liver donor for my DadKerijenn46 05-20-11  03:15 pm
Living Organ Donors UniteHostess Rise'Hostess Rise'05-19-11  01:50 pm
Book about living donationtxbioethicstxbioethics05-18-11  02:10 pm
i will give my liver to everyone needed..ArdiHostess Rise'05-13-11  11:06 am
Kidney Donor and Lost Wages.......RossAlinds05-05-11  11:15 pm
Organ Donation ThesisBrendanGoing for Gold10 05-05-11  06:39 pm
1 year for Tawnya and her Dad~April 29thLiver GiverHostess Rise'04-29-11  01:47 pm
Congrats, Dawn (Liver Giver)HeatherLiver Giver04-28-11  09:13 pm
Facebook leads to kidney donationChadChad04-06-11  09:51 pm
New TransplantBuddies CalendarDAP1122Rita04-02-11  08:13 am
Pregnancies After Kidney Donation?Jen)sonia03-23-11  08:40 am
Remembering our dear friend Jeff.....Happy2BhereHostess Rise'03-20-11  08:25 am
How Did You Say Thank You???mburke17Chad03-06-11  03:04 pm
Donate a kidney - get out of jail earlyChadJack R11 02-24-11  01:06 pm
Jeff.. Patty.. prayersLiver GiverLiver Giver15 02-17-11  09:22 pm
not so great newsHeatherLadyDi12 02-10-11  09:17 pm
Finding a voice with 200 posts....and countingChadLadyDi02-08-11  08:29 am
prayers for a successful transplantLiver GiverTawnya01-24-11  12:44 am
Im Still HereLeeLee14 01-11-11  08:48 pm
The future - grow a kidneyChadmax01-10-11  10:10 pm
Thank you to my living donor-2 year anniversaryNoraChad01-04-11  10:53 pm
What is recover like after donating part of liver?CatherineLiver Giver12 01-03-11  12:22 am
Merry Christmasmaxmax12-26-10  12:11 pm
holiday greetings Liver GiverLadyDi12-25-10  05:41 pm
Gifts . . . . maxHostess Meagan12-15-10  10:41 pm
Transplant EthicsChadHeather12-13-10  11:01 pm
11 years!!HeatherLiver Giver12-04-10  10:53 pm
16 way paired donation story on NBC Nightly NewsChadmax11-27-10  09:07 pm
1 Month . . . . maxmax11-23-10  09:17 pm
Finding the right words . . . . . .maxmax11-20-10  09:02 pm
Congratulations Chad our next Forum LeaderRiseChad11-12-10  11:54 am
True Story- happened todayRiseRise12 11-09-10  05:06 pm
Happy Birthday to MaxRiseLadyDi11-06-10  07:10 pm
Looking for more Forum LeadersRiseRise11-06-10  11:19 am
Surgery / Follow-up Appt.maxTawnya11-06-10  01:00 am
After the surgery. . . maxlopsided15 11-03-10  08:29 am
HalloweenLiver GiverHostess Meagan11-01-10  05:40 pm
One Year AnniversarysoniaChad10-29-10  09:32 am
Mom hears late daughter's heart beatRisesonia10-28-10  11:36 am
A thought to ponder . . . .maxLiver Giver10-24-10  09:34 pm
Max - Going Home . . . . . maxRise10-23-10  07:01 pm
Max updatemaxLee16 10-23-10  04:56 am
Final Leg Of Journey . . .maxJack R12 10-21-10  03:45 pm
Welcome Lee to Living Organ Donor HeroesHostess RiseHostess Meagan10-21-10  03:36 pm
KarmaArt LauderbackLee10 10-21-10  03:31 pm
Possible Donation of wife's Liver to her Husband- need supportHostess RiseHostess Rise10-16-10  09:03 am
Hey guys!NicoleTawnya10-16-10  12:49 am
Donors Are Like Flowers (kinda)maxChad10-14-10  10:40 am
Congratulate MAX as our new Forum LeaderHostess RiseLadyDi10-13-10  03:05 pm
An Epiphany (of sorts)maxHeather15 10-10-10  11:28 am
When donation run into troubleRebecca from MichigaRobin13 10-06-10  09:03 pm
3rd AnniversaryChadHeather10-05-10  10:42 pm
new thoughts......maxChad09-25-10  05:51 pm
Is it that hard to talk about . . . .maxLadyDi12 09-21-10  03:22 pm
CNN Empowered Patient SeriesHostess Riselopsided21 09-18-10  10:05 pm
Have a date . . . . .maxmax11 09-16-10  06:48 pm
Couldn't have said it better . . . . . "BECAUSE"maxmax09-15-10  10:23 am
Happy Birthday to HeatherHostess RiseHostess Rise12 09-01-10  02:27 pm
Happy Birthday to DawnHostess RiseLiver Giver08-28-10  08:15 pm
Soon to be a live liver donorJayLHeather31 08-28-10  07:45 am
I'm Still HereArt LauderbackChad08-13-10  09:59 pm
Has anyone heard from Trish????RobinLiver Giver08-02-10  10:10 pm
TimingNicklesLiver Giver07-20-10  08:16 am
Archive through July 15, 2010 Tawnya407 52 07-15-10  01:49 pm
Archive through December 04, 2009 Hostess Rise'915 107 12-04-09  05:16 pm
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